Tips to help you "Group Up"

Now that you are ready to "Group Up" there are a few things that you can do to create a great environment for yourself and the people you are getting together with. This will help all of you stay inspired along the way. We call this ESPN.


This just means that you are getting the opportunity to encourage whoever is grouping up with you to connect each week to watch the video and discuss the questions. There is no pressure here; we are encouraged that you made the commitment yourself.

Here are 6 different ways that you can encourage the people you have committed to "Group Up" with:

1. Take a moment to tell each person that has grouped up with you how glad you are that they are there.

2. As each person participates in the discussion tell them ‘thank you’ for sharing their thoughts.

3. Give praise to those who have been doing the daily SOAP; promote this part of each week’s topic.

4. Make sure you take the time if anyone shares how they are applying this to their life, to highlight how God will use their effort in a positive way.

5. Invite someone you are grouping up with to close your time in prayer.

6. Thank them for sticking with the "Group Up" commitment.


The purpose of grouping up is to meet around scripture each week. Each week has a main Scripture we will be studying, and we have provided scriptures for your own personal discovery daily throughout the study.

Read the SOAP explanation here.


Know that we are praying for you while you have committed to ‘Group Up,’ and you should be praying for the people that have agreed to "Group Up" with you.


Keep in mind that as you "Group Up" there are next steps for your growth and the growth of people you are grouping up with.

• Keep your commitment to "Group Up" and explore opportunities to join the Groups community at your Campus.

• Keep coming back to church. If the people you are grouping up with do not go to church, invite them to church.

• Keep inviting. If they are not interested in coming to a weekend service, invite them to a church social event and/or to continue to "Group Up" with you around another study.